phone holder for bike
Phone Holder For Bike
Phone Holder For Bike
Phone Holder For Bike
Phone Holder For Bike
Phone Holder For Bike
Phone Holder For Bike

Phone Holder For Bike

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Hate digging out your phone? With phone holder for bike, you can keep your screen in sight while you ride.

Just secure the holder on your bike with the twist of a knob, then stretch it over your mobile phone. The flexible silicone stretches over phones of all sizes (yep, it also stretches to fit phone covers!). Now you can keep your phone secure even on rough and bumpy trails.

  • Adjustable bike phone holder mount fits handlebars of any width
  • Flexible silicone holder fits most of the phones, even with phone cases
  • Fits snugly around phones, keeping them secure on bumpy bike rides
  • The phone can be oriented vertically or horizontally or any degree

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The Ofanat's Phone Holder for Bike

Don’t settle for lesser phone holders that don’t meet your needs. Our phone holder for bike keeps your phone right in front of you, giving you access to all the apps you need for your ride.

Maps, calling, route tracking, and more are all at your fingertips instead of in your backpack. What’s more, the phone holder doesn’t just keep your phone ready. It keeps it safe with an innovative silicone design that can fit nearly every phone out there.

Get the Best Across the Board

The unique design and materials of this phone holder offer superior performance that riders can rely on. Because made of the highest quality materials, riders can rest assured that their bike phone holder will keep a firm grip for a long time.

This is an all-weather phone holder that holds up on both hot and cold days, without losing elasticity or firmness.

It’s quick and easy to install with an adjustable strap for any size handlebars. The holder stays firmly in place on any ride, keeping your device safe and the holder out of your way.

With lightweight construction to keep bulk down, you get all the features with none of the problems of other bike phone mounts. You can rely on this phone holder to keep your phone where you can use it without worrying about wear and tear.

Stopping to take your phone out of your bag and worrying about dropping your phone from your pocket or another subpar phone holder?

Without reservation, this phone holder for bike is the most reliable, most versatile, and most affordable solution to the problem of using your device on the go.

Phone Holder for Bike - Take It Wherever You Go

This practical bike or scooter phone holder is easy to install on just about anything with handlebars. Road bikes, mountain bikes, scooters, and motorcycles, the reliable design keeps your phone in place during rough, bumpy, and high-speed rides.

Given that the mount is highly adjustable, you can mount your device to almost anything. Use it on your shopping cart to keep your list open hands-free or find your own unique applications wherever you go.

The holder fits just about anything, and just about anything fits in it. Because the silicone stretches to hold the device, almost every phone works with the holder.

Coupled with both vertical and horizontal orientations, the versatility of this phone holder is unmatched when it comes to using devices on the go.

Surprisingly adjustable, this bike phone holder is just right for any device on any ride.

Built Better for Better Results

The chances are that if you’re picking up another bike phone holder in the same price range, you won’t be getting the quality materials and construction of the phone holder.

Rather than supple silicone, you’re going to receive hard plastic that is liable to wear down and break. The brittle materials can’t stand up to bumpy rides and will shatter during any collision. Silicone construction gives this bike phone holder the flexibility to absorb shocks and last longer.

Equally important, this phone holder for a bike avoids moving parts by stretching to insert and remove your device. Rigid plastic holders usually rely on snaps and springs to put in and take out your phone, snaps and springs that can open up on rough rides and wear down over time.

The elastic cradling of the Ofanat Bike Phone Holder is more reliable in either case, both short-term and long-term.

Quality Service Backing Our Product

Because only the highest quality materials are used to make our bike phone holder, we stand behind that quality with a warranty on every unit.

We understand what our customers expect from these bike and scooter phone holders - durability, versatility, and reliability.

Given that you count on our bike phone holder to keep your device safe, we maintain strict quality standards to ensure each one of them can be counted on.

With affordable pricing, we can bring this innovative accessory to as many customers as possible.

In order to make them even more accessible, we provide free shipping, with tracking numbers to make sure your holder makes it to you.

Try it out, and your phone holder for a bike comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee to make sure it’s everything you’re looking for.

The Great Features You Can Use With Your Phone Holder for Bike

Using Your Phone as GPS Navigation

Keeping your device where you can use it opens up a world of possibilities for improving your ride. You can keep your map open for GPS navigation.

While you’re cycling around the city or riding through the trails, you can always know exactly where you are and where you’re headed. Y

ou won’t ever have to stop and rummage through your bag if you forget the way because our holder lets you use the full potential of your device.

Make Call While Riding Your Bike

Make and take calls on the go with easy access to your phone. Without being able to see your phone, you probably won’t notice a call due to all of the vibrations and noise of the ride.

Even if you notice an incoming call during your ride with a phone in your bag or pocket, you’ll surely miss the call trying to stop and answer it.

Stay in the loop and avoid missed calls by keeping your phone where you can see and access it.

Use Your Phone as Bike Lights

Riding at night and your light goes out? Simply adjust your phone holder to let your phone’s flashlight guide the way.

Listening Music on Bike

You don’t have to stick to your set playlist. Change songs on the fly with easy access to your phone - the phone holder keeps your phone in a reliably stable position.

Apps On The Go

More than just getting around, the phone holder lets you use all the unique apps and features geared specifically towards riders. Whether your route is on or off the road, you can use apps to track your progress and speed.

Instead of comparing times afterward, you can keep track of your pace while you’re riding to get a better understanding of how you’re doing.